Smart Price Monitor

Monitor all the prices of your favorite products

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Features available with Smart Price Monitor

It is a Google Chrome Plugin that makes your shopping easier
You can track any price from the Websites you like the most! It works with Amazon, Ebay, etc...

Flat and modern design

It is made with simplicity in mind and its core is very powerfull, allowing you to track unlimited products

Create your products list

Order your products with easy just drag and drop functionality, and you can order them in lists

Automatic Price Refresh

The prices of your products are refreshed in the background, so you have just to relax and wait for a price drop. You can change the frequency on product level or global down to 5 secs!

No registration required

You can use it right away, without registrering your account or email .
We have plan to add a users registration just to offer additional services suchas email notification and cloud, but the basic functionality will always work even without a registration

Mobile version (Coming Soon)

Soon you will be able to track your products from your mobile phone for IOs and Android, with push notifications to get pinged when a product drops

Sharing product list (Coming Soon)

You will be able to share your product list via facebook, twitter and via email with your friends

Smart Price Monitor specifications

It is a client based price monitor for any possible online shopping site

Built with HTML and JS

It is built to be very fast and to be available also offline, so the user can check and modify its products even without an internet connection

Easy to customize

User can change the name of the products and of the list with one click

Cross-OS compatibility

It works everywhere you can install a Chrome Browser, so basicly on every Operative System.

Good for your shopping

It simplify the shopper life, showing all the prices of the product that he wants to buy at once, updated, reachable with one click.

5 Stars rating

Our users love it, and we do our best to implement all the requested features and keep the product lean and functional

Professional support

We are always ready to help our users and listen to their suggestions and ideas to improve this product and make it very useful for everybody.


Alberto Dutto - Lead Developer

Software engineer with several years of experience building web and desktop applications.

Our story

It is always been a challenge to find the best deal online, so I was looking for a nice and dynamic tool to use for my shopping, since I didn't find it, I just built it.

My hope is that this tool will help thousand of people to find great deals online, and have a very nice shopping experience.

Moreover I hope to create a ecosystem, in which will be easy to share our products list with others, so that everyone will benefit with our time spent in collecting all the info and links about the product we want to buy.

Smart Price Monitor

Monitor all the prices of your favorite products.

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